RV Specific Pull-out Diesel Stove

July 5, 2024

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Characteristics of Special Pulling Diesel Stove for RVs
1. The mute function is normal, and the burning sound is only 30 decibels
2. Fresh air, bid farewell to kitchen troubles, and there is no odor or black smoke during the combustion process
3. The maximum thermal power reaches 4.5KW, and the size and firepower can be freely adjusted. The 7th gear is adjustable
4. It is fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly, with fuel consumption far lower than other products on the market
5. It can still be used normally in high-altitude areas up to 5000 meters, and the windproof design of the stove allows it to work normally even in strong wind environments. This means that no matter where you drive your RV, you can enjoy the pleasure of cooking without being limited by the environment.

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