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JP China Trade Int'l Co., Ltd. 86-010-8081-9579 candyli@jpchinatrade.com
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We focus on Combi Air and Water Heater, Diesel Stove Hob, Hot water heater, Air Heater products and so on

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China JP China Trade Int'l Co., Ltd.

JP China Trade Int'l Co., Ltd.

JP China Trade Int'l Co., Ltd. was founded in Beijing and specialized in import and export business. Using our marketing advantages and strong sales and purchasing ability, our company has established reliable business relationships with clients. We have professional staff members, who have a deep understanding of Chinese, European and American markets. Our working languages are Chinese, Russian, and English. Our company provides all documents in several languages, such as price lists, contracts, product details, and other documents. Our company supplies parking heaters and parts for auto conditioners, which are mainly exported to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other European countries. We can provide products according to customers' drawings and offer our clients reasonable ...

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